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The Herndon Pattern Book - A Guide for Downtown Development was adopted by the Town Council on January 29, 2013.  This guide, along with the accompanying zoning ordinance text amendments, provide property owners and developers a roadmap for implementing Herndon's Downtown Master Plan.

Herndon Downtown Pattern Book -
   A Guide for Downtown Development
      >   Title Page and Table of Contents
      >   Section A:  Master Plan Summary

      >   Section B:   Regulatory Plans

      >   Section C:   Lot and Building Guidelines

      >   Section D:   Storefronts and Signage; and
           Section E:   Appendix

Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

Adopted Downtown Master Plan
(From the Town of Herndon 2030 Comprehensive Plan,
     adopted August 12, 2008, as amended)

The beautifully illustrated Pattern Book serves as the basis for determining the appropriateness of proposed architecture for properties within the Downtown Plan area. The Pattern Book also contains summary information on the overall form and use of future development in the Downtown.  The new zoning ordinance language was developed to reflect the community vision and goals of the Downtown Plan and to bring that plan to realization.  The scale of buildings and the protection of historic resources served as an important foundation in the development of the Downtown Plan and have been carefully carried into these implementation documents. 

Now property owners and future developers in the Downtown have the guidance and building blocks they need to build and bring new businesses and residences, and the vibrancy they hold, to Herndon's historic heart.


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