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The Department of Public Works is responsible for snow removal in the town's right-of-way. Arterial routes
receive first priority for salting, sanding, and plowing. Upon completion of clearing these routes, town crews will address all other streets in accordance with snow removal policy.

Residents can assist snow removal efforts as follows:

Parking Vehicles

Avoid parking vehicles on streets and cul-de-sacs when a snow storm is expected.  Vehicles parked in the right-of-way limits clearance for snow removal equipment and makes snow removal difficult or impossible.  Additionally, vehicles parked on snow emergency routes may be towed.


Please clear sidewalks adjacent to your business or home.  DPW does not remove snow from sidewalks unless they are near schools or critical road crossings.  Please do not shovel sidewalks and driveways into the right-of-way, as this may result in additional snow being pushed back into driveway areas by snow plows. Do not block storm drains or fire hydrants. 

Shovel Right

Snowplows push snow, they do not remove it.  Snow windrows or mounds will continue to be created each time the trucks plow the street, including the final pass after the snow quits falling.  Unfortunately, if you clear this windrow before the final pass, trucks will create another windrow on their next pass. If you must shovel before that final pass, it will help if you shovel snow to the right side of your driveway as you stand facing the street.

Zones do not indicate order of plowing.  Updates on plowing within the zones will be provided on the town's homepage.  Roads classified in the town as arterial or collector are cleared first to help ensure the police, fire stations and medical facilities are accessible and to permit traffic to enter and leave the town.  Clearing of residential streets will begin once the main roads are passable.

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The Public Works Operations Center is manned continuously during snowstorms.  Contact us at (703) 435-6860.

If you have any questions please contact the Department of Public Works Operations Center at (703) 435-6860.  Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. or you can email

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